Thursday, February 18, 2010

Professional Tester Mag

FYI: Professional Tester has been relaunched in January/February 2010.

It's available free for electronic download at:

This month's episode contains:

- TPI Next
- Towards Quantitative Governance
- Improving Process Improvement
- Rude Coarse Analysis
- Incident Log

Within Europe subscription is €50 per year (6 printed mags). Alternatively, it looks like you can always download the electronic version for FREE.

SoftTest Events February 2010

I just finished my third speaking engagement with SoftTest today.

On Tuesday I was in Belfast, Wednesday in Dublin and Thursday in Cork. My voice no longer works and I'm rather tired now.

I spoke on Lean Test Process Improvement in Agile Testing and I welcome any questions/suggestions on such.

I highly recommend that if you have a topic you could speak on, please volunteer. On a personal front, you gain so much from standing up in front of your peers and speaking.

Don't forget, it also facilitates the sharing of knowledge among the Irish testing community. The Irish testing community is part of the knowledge economy and it is mutually beneficial to help each other out!

I'll be posting my ppt on in the coming days.

If you attended my talk - Thank You! It was an absolute pleasure!

For those you didn't - you missed out on a free learning (I hope) event. Keep an eye on for forthcoming events. More will be advertised very soon.