Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Invest In Test Process Improvement?

Test Process Improvement is the continuous improvement of the quality and the efficiency of the testing process, in the context of the whole software development life cycle.

But, test process improvement is not testing. Why should you invest in it? Aren't you wasting time that you could be using to find bugs?

  • Reduce overhead
  • Increase test efficiency & effectiveness
  • Allow test to embrace change (key to agile testing)
  • Focus is on delivering results
  • Improve Test's influence in order to deliver better quality
  • Participating in a TPI program motivates & empowers test engineers

My organization invested in continuous TPI.

One major outcome was to increase the efficiency of the automation execution and analysis process. In many projects, this decreased from a 5 day duration to 1 day! This has freed up time for more manual and customer-like testing.

So yes, time was invested in TPI, but at the end of the pipeline, we now have more time to invest in more effective testing.

TPI is a cost but spending that cost in the right area will produce a return. The key is to pick the right test area to improve!

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