Monday, April 26, 2010

Review of Professional Tester Mag

Within a week of hearing that Professional Tester is back on the shelves, I had signed up for a subscription.

A European-based testing magazine with the aim "to provide practical help and inspiration to testers everywhere" – fantastic!

However, it may be too early as the magazine is just finding its feet, but I am fighting disappointment.

Number 1 = 15 pages, decreasing to 13 once ads are removed.

Number 2 = 19 pages. Okay, it's meatier. It has a couple more articles.

The articles have interesting elements – but they're not rocking my world!

BUT, it's only number 2 and a magazine is only as good as its contributors so I'm putting out a call to those that read my blog: lets share our knowledge!

Let's make this magazine something that works for us! There is a large test community in Ireland who are knowledgeable and experienced and this magazine is a great opportunity for you to contribute!

So contribute!

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