Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sogeti Ireland

I've just finished viewing another Sogeti Webinar, "Applying TPI®NEXT to your situation".

Sogeti is a commercial business and I have links to them:

  • I'm on the softtest committee who are sponsored by Sogeti
  • Recently, I got them in-house to deliver "Advanced Test Techniques"

They're not concrete links – I don't benefit in any way financially from them (although I'll never say no to a free book). But they are links nonetheless.

So having "come clean" with above links, I want to take this opportunity to thank Sogeti.

They are doing an incredible job of educating the test community in Ireland with their free webinars!

Every time I attend a webinar, I learn something, my pre-existing opinions may be challenged, or I look at something in a new way that opens up exciting ideas and opportunities to build on.

Each webinar is recorded so if I have a conflict and am unable to watch "live", I can catch up later.

If you're not viewing these webinars, then you are missing out!

Check out: http://www.sogeti.ie/en/News--Events/Events/ for their upcoming scheduled webinars and http://www.sogeti.ie/en/Resources--Downloads/Thought-Leadership-Presentations/ for their archive.

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